Sheriff: 11-year-old Wisconsin girl may have saved 2-year-old brother's life during pit bull attack

Posted at 3:16 PM, Aug 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-15 17:25:26-04

SHAWANO COUNTY -- The Shawano County Sheriff says a 11-year-old Wisconsin girl may have saved her two-year-old brother's life during a recent pit bull attack.

According to a post on the Sheriff's Office's Facebook page, officers responded to a home in the Village of Bowler after dispatchers received reports that a pit bull was attacking a child.

"Thankfully, witnesses were able to get the pit bull off the girl using a baseball attack," the post reads.

Witnesses say the girl put herself between the attacking dog and her two-year-old brother, getting bitten about four times. The dog then headed toward her brother, but the girl managed to yell and distract it.

"Her bravery may have have saved her brother's life," Sheriff Adam Bieber said.

The sheriff says the dog was already on quarantine for killing another dog, and has since been euthanized by the owner.