Sheboygan Visual Artists will open doors later this week

Posted at 7:21 PM, Jul 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-27 23:18:24-04
Later this week, Sheboygan Visual Artists is opening their doors and opening up art in a unique way.
Art can be expensive, but their goal is to make sure it's accessible to anyone. Their Small Works Project pieces are a maximum of $25.
Each work is different than the next, but they all have a message to buyers.
"People don't think they can afford real, live art. I mean, original that the artist created. We're here to prove that's not true," said Tim Ebenreiter, Co-chair of the Small Works Project. "These were created on canvases that we gave away over the past year, 300 of them." 
The canvases were painted by group members, and also by people across the country. Steve Timming painted eight.
"It gives me a chance to kind of try some things I wouldn't normally try on a big canvas," Timming said. He paints under the name "Migs." 
He said he enjoys watching people getting their paintings at the SVA Annual Fundraiser. They also have the option to trade pieces.
"[Artists] often get hugs from people that buy their work," said Ebenreiter.
It's an enthusiasm he said that embodies the purpose of the group, spreading art and encouraging the Sheboygan art community.
Click here to learn more about the group, and buy tickets on their website.