Sheboygan man blames vandalism spree on ‘alien virus'

Posted at 3:39 PM, Oct 10, 2017

In a motive that is out of this world, Sheboygan man Anouphong Inphachack faces numerous charges after a string of arson and vandalism he said was done due to an alien virus. 

According to a criminal complaint, Inphachack is accused of spray painting the letters “DNA” multiple times on Sheboygan homes, as well as starting a number of small house fires and smashing a window with a skateboard.

When questioned, he told Sheboygan police officers an aliens virus was making him upset, and aliens used black magic to undo the fires he set. 

“They are switching dimensions all the time,” Inphachack told police. “Setting people up for a bad time. I’m telling you the truth. Alien virus to evolve mankind.” 

He added that he spray painted DNA because he believed the aliens had altered his DNA, changing his height. He also told police the aliens were setting him up and making him do these acts, adding he wanted nothing to do with the extraterrestrial beings. 

In the criminal complaint, police said Inphachack was twitching and at times had a hard time speaking. He said he heard voices in his head numerous times. 

Police found that Inphachack is schizophrenic, and when police questioned his parents they said he had refused to take his medication and wasn’t eating. 

His parents were frightened because they did not know what Inphachack might do while off his medication, and thanked the officer after they were told he was in jail.

Inphachack faces two felony arson charges along with several misdemeanors. If convicted he faces a maximum penalty of 83 years behind bars.