Sheboygan man accused of threatening a school shooting on Facebook

Rifles, ammo confiscated from man's home
Posted at 6:43 PM, Dec 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-13 23:33:12-05
A Sheboygan man was arrested and charged this week for allegedly making terrorist threats on his Facebook page.

Joshua J. Bagemehl, 21, is charged with one count of making terrorist threats.

According to a criminal complaint, Sheboygan Police received an anonymous tip that Bagemehl was planning a school shooting.

Investigators say Bagemehl posted several threatening posts on his Facebook page, including:

“So, I might be buying a AR15 with a laser red dot on it and (expletive) semi-auto too 22 caliber just waiting on the background check.” -- 12/10/16

“Someone needs to do a school shooting around here, it would be funny as (expletive).” -- 12/11/16

A photo of two rifles with the following caption: "my AR15 style rifle, my 715T Mossberg semi-auto rifle with 300 rounds with red dot laser sight." -- 12/12/16

Police executed a search warrant on Bagemehl's home and arrested him without incident.

According to the criminal complaint, they seized a metallic rear sight aperture for an assault-style rifle; 299 rounds of .22 tactical ammunition; and a Mossberg International .22 caliber assault-style rifle as well as various electronic devices.

Police say they also confiscated "handwritten notes concerning homemade weapons; a plan for a “hostile takeover”; and various notes about committing non-specific crimes and not getting caught."

Authorities say Bagemehl told officers he didn’t care what “other” people thought and that it would
be “funny” if someone did a school shooting in Sheboygan.

Police say Bagemehl's told authorities earlier this year that he was schizophrenic and bipolar.