Sheboygan man accused of stealing Air Jordans, gardening equipment

Posted at 4:56 PM, Jul 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-07 18:29:18-04

SHEBOYGAN -- A Sheboygan man was charged with burglary and misdemeanor theft after he allegedly stole a pair of Air Jordan shoes, gardening gloves, and a piece of a gardening hose from an unlocked home on the Fourth of July.

According to the criminal complaint, the home owners were gone when Daniel Widucki, 48, entered the home through an unlocked sliding glass door.

Widucki was witnessed by a neighbor, who was outside doing yard work. The neighbor heard the gate close and latch, and was aware that the residents were out of town.

The neighbor stated that Widucki “had his hands cupped, looking into the sliding glass door in to the residence. He [the neighbor] said the subject looked directly at [him] but did not look suspicious or surprised,” according to the criminal complaint.

Widucki then left the residence, after allegedly experiencing some difficulty with the gate; with the shoes, gardening gloves, and hose.

The neighbor followed Widucki to a nearby Sav-A-Lot where he then took pictures of Widucki with the items and sent them to the home owner.

A Sheboygan police officer was able to recover the items from the parking lot where Widucki had allegedly left them. According to the criminal complaint, Widucki was arrested for a separate theft later that day and police were able to match his booking photo with the photo taken by the neighbor.