Sheboygan man accused of returning to work armed after being fired

Posted at 9:02 PM, Jun 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-04 23:14:38-04

A Sheboygan man has been charged after he returned to his former place of work armed after being fired earlier that day. 

According to a criminal complaint,  Calvin Glazunov, 30, of Sheboygan was fired on May 31 from Rockline Industries. Workers police spoke with said he left without incident at the time he was fired. 

But later in the afternoon, he came back wearing a ballistic vest with a taser and magazines full of rifle ammunition. He sat in his car in the nearby parking lot and watched the business through binoculars. 

Police were called out to the scene because employees were concerned about the now former worker staking out the building. 

Workers said Glazunov was known to carry an AR-15 style rifle around town. 

Police approached Glazunov who was still in his car and he was arrested. He was found with .556 rifle round magazines loaded with 30 rounds each and 90 LC17 .223 rifle rounds along with a baton and flare gun. 

He admitted to police he was there to confront his previous manager about a refund for some polo shirts he had purchased. 

Glazunov did not have guns that matched the ammunition, saying he had sold all of his guns. He told police he was a recruiter for a militia group. 

Glazunov has been charged with possession of an electric weapon and disorderly conduct. He faces more than six years behind bars if convicted.