WANTED: Sheboygan Co. grave vandals

Posted at 8:57 PM, Apr 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-15 00:09:06-04

CEDAR GROVE- The Sheboygan County Sheriff's Department is asking for the publics help finding the people responsible for knocking over nearly 40 grave stones.

"I just turned around and looked and I said I don't know if I like this," said Herb Inselman, Cedar Grove Cemetery.

Herb Inselman noticed a grave stone out of place Monday morning at Cedar Grove Cemetery.

"I looked around some more and I saw another one, then I saw another one."

The cemetery keeper found 39 stones knocked over.  It all started last Wednesday afternoon when someone damaged the cemetery fence and then more of it Saturday.

"The part that bothered me the most, as far as the greatest disrespect I had for what was done, is when they stuck one of the rails in a grave sight that had just been buried a month ago that bothered me more than anything.  I cried over that one," explained Inselman.

The Sheriff's Department believes the people who are responsible for knocking over the grave stones are the same people who damaged a pump at the Fuel Depot.

Inselman isn't the only one who hopes the vandals are caught and punished.

'If nothing else it's to be an example.  Don't do this sort of thing all it does is it upsets too many people and it doesn't do any good."  

Neighbors are donating money and their time to help get the cemetery back in order. 

You're asked to contact Crime Stoppers if you have any information by calling 1-877-CUF-THEM (1-877-283-8426) or by visiting