Wisconsin family desperately trying to locate three stolen puppies

Posted at 10:47 AM, Jul 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-22 18:43:35-04

NAVARINO, Wis. -- A northeastern Wisconsin family is desperately looking for help locating their three stolen puppies.

The Dallman family reported Daisy, Zeke and Ruger stolen to Shawano County officials on Thursday. 

Pamela Dallman says she came home to do her normal routine of feeding 12 puppies her son's dog, Eva, recently delivered. The puppies are a mix of yellow and black Labradors. She says when she went into the barn, she noticed the barn door was left open, but the puppies 8 x 12 pen was closed. When she opened the pen she found all of the yellow labs, but all of the black labs, except for one who was inside the family's home, were gone.

Pamela says the puppies are just a little more than four weeks old and don't have their immunizations yet.

 "They're supposed to be eight weeks before they leave their mother. They don't begin weaning until they're five weeks. They need their mother and they don't have their immunizations yet." said Pamela Dallman.

The rest of the puppies received their immunizations on Friday, the day after the puppies were stolen.

The Dallman family tells WGBA-TV the puppies mother, Eva, has been searching wildly in their yard, responding frantically to every whimper.

"We just can't believe someone could do something so evil individual could steal puppies who were loved from the day they were born." said Pamela.

The family says they've searched for hours near and around their home off Highway 156 and have reported the puppies stolen to Shawano County Police.

  "You think nothing every happens out here in the country and then this." said Pamela.

Shawano County Officials say they're looking for leads into who might have taken them. The Dallman family says they've reached out to every veterinarian office and shelter in the county to let them know the puppies are missing and presumably stolen.

The Dallman family has moved the rest of the puppies into their home. 

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Shawano County Sheriff's Department at (715) 526-3111