Severe wind makes for treacherous road conditions

14 semi trucks flipped in Wisconsin
Posted at 10:19 PM, Mar 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-08 23:19:25-05

Southeast Wisconsin dealt with a high wind warning most of Wednesday making it difficult to drive, especially after as 14 semi-trucks in Wisconsin blew over.  

Waukesha County Technical College Truck Driving Instructor Jeff Kiel reminded students Wednesday that driving through wind can be just as treacherous as winter weather.

"There are times I have to turn into the wind and times I can just hold that steering wheel keeping that truck in my lane," Kiel said.

On a windy day, Kiel said drivers should slow down about a third of their typical speed.

"You're better off slowing down too much and being able to speed it back up than you are not slowing down enough and having an issue," he said.

Truck driver Dwayne Berge said he had two hands on the wheel for 250 miles today.

"You're just constantly adjusting the steering wheel because it blows you all over the road," Berge said.

Truck driver Bob Charrico said common sense told him to get off the road Wednesday evening. 

"I had 40,000 pounds on and it's still blowing me around," he said.

The WCTC instructor said weather is never an excuse for an accident.

"There are just simply times when that wind gusts so strong that you can't keep it in your lane.  At that point slowing down may not be enough.  You might have to get off the road all together," Kiel said.