Man arrested after string of break-ins in Glendale

Posted at 6:36 AM, Jun 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-04 14:10:16-04

GLENDALE – A barrage of break-ins in Glendale Sunday night ends with an 18-year-old man behind bars. 

According to Glendale PD, police were notified of the break-ins around 11:30 Sunday night. As they were investigating —Milwaukee Police notified them of a felony traffic stop they conducted on a car with stolen plates —that stolen car was traced back to the Amato Nissan that was broken into and police say the 18-year-old man in custody is responsible for it all. 

“It’s a little bit unsettling," Amanda Skalmoski said.  

"Definitely kind of a surprise," she continued.  

Skalmoski works just steps away from the Joseph A. Bank near Port Washington Road and Silver Spring where plywood now replaces a glass door. 

Police say the store was broken into last night along with three other businesses —including a Men’s Warehouse, a nail salon, and an Amato Nissan car dealership. 

“That’s a little bit more disturbing that there are so many places in such like a small proximity," Skalmoski commented. 

In fact, Serena Lemberger said "in close proximity" is an understatement —she manages the Wisconsin Vision store right next door to the nail salon, and after waking up to the news, she said she's a little shaken up. 

“'[I'm] nervous [and] shocked," Lemberger said. 

"[I] can't believe it happened," she continued.  

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