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Seasonal openings give job seekers upper hand in Milwaukee

Posted at 5:26 PM, Nov 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-09 19:38:15-05

The demand for holiday help is high. Nationally, companies are on an intense holiday hiring hunt.

Macy’s reported it needs 80,000 seasonal workers. UPS needed 100,000 seasonal jobs filled. Target needed 120,000 and Amazon, 120,000. 

Seasonal help aside, according to the recruiting company Manpower, in the city of Milwaukee alone, right now there are 87,460 job openings. 

Peter Weslow with Service First Staffing, said a 3 percent unemployment rate in Wisconsin creates a competitive field for employers. 

“There are so many people that are currently working, so the pool is so low of unemployed workers,” said Weslow. 

Weslow said in today’s job market job seekers can be more selective. 

“Candidates right now are in a position of power right now compared to employers,” he said.

Kohl’s is looking to hire more than 650 seasonal workers in the Milwaukee area as cashiers, and temporary jobs on the sales floor and stock room. 

Kohl’s strategy to fill the spots is to start hiring early. They begin the hiring process in June. 

“Our early strategy is working and we saw an 80 percent increase in total hires from July through early September,” said Jen Johnson, Kohl’s Senior Vice President of Communications. 

Weslow said other retailers are offering big incentives to attract job seekers such as higher wages.

“You have companies that will pay $1,000 bonuses, will say to people come on in, no interview, no resume, we’ll hire you, we’ll give you a gas card just to come in and apply,” said Weslow. 

Here are some links for companies seeking season workers: 

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