A wedding to eclipse them all

It's a wedding to eclipse them all, as a local couple gets ready to tie the knot during the solar eclipse.

"We'll probably get married and kiss each other and throw our glasses on and go have fun," said Rachel Napoles, the bride.

The groom has a fascination with the solar eclipse.

"I've always been, you could say, my head in the stars," said Omero Lopez, the groom.

Lopez was planning to host a viewing party.

"It was really like eight weeks ago.  We were just on the porch one night talking and he was again like I really want all our family to come and get together and see this eclipse," Napoles said.

The bride came up with the idea for an eclipse wedding.

"Yah know, if we're gonna have all the family there we could get married," she said.

The couple met almost 20 years ago, lead separate lives until five years ago when they reconnected. They say the eclipse represents their relationship.

"The whole meaning of that full circle," Napoles said.

Napoles ordered glasses for her guests weeks ago.

"I got a whole box. We're set, they're approved ones," she said. 

The wedding photographer is ready for the challenge.

"Maybe the photographer can take some awesome pictures.  I hope she can of it starting and then you know through the progression," Lopez said.

Eclipse cookies and other subtle themed details are in the works.

"The flowers we tried to do like the bright burst of yellow with some different tones earthy tones to it," Napoles said.

The couple said they won't let the meaning of their day overshadow what happens above them.

"If we see it we see it and if we don't we don't, but we are we are going to see it and it's going to happen the way it's supposed to be," Lopez said.

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