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Screnock, Dallet advance in Wisconsin Supreme Court primary

Posted at 8:49 PM, Feb 20, 2018

Three candidates wanted the job but only two will advance for the open seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Sauk County Judge Michael Screnock was the top vote-getter in the primary Tuesday. He was appointed to the bench by Gov. Scott Walker and is considered the conservative in the non-partisan race.

Milwaukee County Judge Rebecca Dallet was finished second and now advances to the April 3 Election.

She battled Madison lawyer Tim Burns for the liberal or progressive vote.

Screnock's Republicans ties run deep. The state party has donated to his campaign and as an attorney, he helped the Walker Administration defend Act 10, the law that dramatically cut back collective bargaining rights for public unions.

Screnock says he will stick to his primary message.

"What I've articulated across the state and on the campaign trail is what I believe," said Screnock. "I believe deeply about the role of the judiciary and I care deeply about the state, about the rule of law and I'm going to continue to carry that message across the state."

Dallet has been a judge for 10 years and a prosecutor for 11.

Dallet ran TV ads in the primary claiming President Donald Trump is attacking people's civil rights, and suggested after her primary victory that people are feed up partisan politics.

"I'm going to continue to travel across the state and really build support across our state of people who are tired," said Dallet. "Tired of the special interest money, tired of the partisan politics, tired of the political allies and get it back to the values that make Wisconsin great."

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is now controlled by conservatives five to two. The winner of the April 3 election will serve for 10 years.