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Rufus King Middle School parents think of Florida shooting in the midst of lockdown

Posted at 10:28 PM, Feb 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-28 23:28:45-05

Parents rushed to Rufus King Middle School after it went into lockdown following a report of a person with a gun, and it had some thinking of the mass school shooting in Florida just two weeks prior. 

A student at a Milwaukee Middle School was taken into custody after BB guns were found inside.

Parents gathered in front Rufus King International Middle School as they got calls and texts from their kids inside.

"The only thing she keeps saying is 'Mama we're on the floor in the corner and they're telling us to be quiet and we got to hang up'," said Whitney Jones, parent.

The school was put on a code red to keep kids in classrooms after a middle schooler said they saw another student displaying a weapon.

"We ran to the back, but I didn't think it was real and we was in there for like 40 to 50 minutes and then people were saying that somebody had a gun and stuff," said Isiah Wrigac, a student.

Students said they hid in closets and in the corners of the classrooms.

"The kids they were just panicking a lot and there was kids crying," said Jasmin Hinton.

Parents and student couldn't help but think about the recent Florida shooting.

"It could be like the same thing," said Sydney Johnson.

"It always crosses every parent's mind when they send their child to school.  They don't think something like this is going to happen, but that's kind of the way of society at this point," said Evelyn Marshall, parent.

Police found two BB guns inside a students locker.  MPS said the student, who was taken into custody, didn't threaten students or fire shots.  The student faces disciplinary action and criminal charges.

"Just a sick, sick world, yah know. We need more prayer in these schools," said Debra Jackson, a grandparent.