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Rock Bottom Brewery closed due to cockroach infestation

Posted at 12:08 PM, Mar 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-08 19:22:14-05

Rock Bottom Brewery is closed after reports of cockroaches in the kitchen and basement.

A would-be customer who goes by @MrzLexyDByrnz on Twitter posted a photo Friday morning of the closed sign at Rock Bottom Brewery.

The sign says the restaurant is closed temporarily after an inspection by the City of Milwaukee Health Department on Thursday.

The City of Milwaukee Health Communications Officer released this statement:

“The establishment is closed temporarily due to a pest infestation. There is a follow-up inspection that will occur later today. If the establishment corrects the issues they will be allowed to open with an Intent to Suspend order issued. This means they will be given a Pending placard and follow-up inspections will occur next week to ensure they have maintained compliance.”

Inspectors saw numerous live and dead cockroaches in the kitchen and basement area where food is stored.

Here is the statement from Rock Bottom:

"The health and safety of our guests is our upmost priority. Rock Bottom apologizes for any concern this report has caused our guests. It is important for the public to know that all issues raised in the report are now in compliance and that there is no reason to believe that any guest was impacted by any condition in the restaurant. Furthermore, no illness has been reported. We have taken multiple steps to alleviate this situation and look forward to re-opening later today once the health department has re-inspected our restaurant."

The most recent inspection since Thursday's was June 5, 2018. The restaurant received a high complexity rating in that one for poor plumbing, leading to leaking drain pipes.

The 7th Annual Bash O' Corned Beef Eating Contest went on without Rock Bottom Brewery on Friday at The Avenue.

The restaurant is expected to be closed through the weekend.