Robbery suspect targets seniors in Greenfield

Victims were robbed in their parking garages
Posted at 6:38 AM, Oct 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-14 17:52:18-04
Greenfield police are looking for a man who is targeting senior citizens in assisted living facility parking garages.
It's happened three times in the last two weeks. Police said a surveillance picture shows a man using stolen credit cards belonging to the victims.
In the first incident, the suspect followed an 82-year-old woman into her parking garage near 92nd and Howard. Police said he offered to help her with her groceries, but instead he took off with her wallet.
Not far away, the robber followed an 85-year-old man and his wife into a garage near 92nd and Layton. Detectives said the suspect told the victim he had a gun and to give him his wallet or he would kill his wife. The man hit the gunman with his cane and the robber then threw the man to the ground.
The next assault happened on South Prairie Hill Lane. Police said a man with a gun approached a 73-year-old woman in her parking garage. He put a gun to her back and threatened to "blow her head off."
Sam Miljus lives across the street from where the first robbery took place. 
"This guy belongs in jail. I was not aware of this happening in our neighborhood. I'm a retired policeman and I usually have a heads up of what is happening. The block that I live on is mostly elderly people and you have to watch out for each one of them," he said.

If anyone has any information about these incidents, call the Greenfield Police Department at (414) 761?5301.