Thieves steal plants from Milwaukee neighborhood

Posted at 9:50 PM, May 20, 2016

The owner of a beautiful Riverwest garden said it's always attracting attention. But in the last few weeks, it's been getting the wrong kind.

Colleen Miszewski said thieves have been digging her flowers right out of her yard.

"As I put them in, about one day later they disappeared," said Miszewski.

She said at first, she thought it could be an animal. But realized the roots were taken with the plant, so it couldn't be. More than a dozen other Riverwest neighbors commented on a Facebook post about stolen plants.

Milwaukee Police confirm the theft is a crime; a citation for less than $500 worth, a misdemeanor for more.

Still, they haven't received reports of plant theft.

Miszewski said she hasn't reported her plant thefts because she feels police have bigger things to worry about.

Some posters on the Facebook page said they've stopped planting, but Miszewski said her love of flowers is greater than the efforts and money, $75 dollars in flowers, lost to the thieves. She said she's even willing to share her love, leaving flowers on her steps, if it will protect her garden.