Riverside High School students, teachers protest proposed budget cuts to Milwaukee Public Schools

Posted: 12:26 PM, Apr 10, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-10 13:58:18-04

MILWAUKEE -- Dozens of students and teachers are saying no to cuts to Milwaukee Public Schools.

That's why they rallied Tuesday morning outside of Riverside University High School urging the Milwaukee Public Schools Board of Directors to reject a proposed five percent cut to school budgets throughout MPS.

"We've been doing this since ACT 10," Christopher Fons said. "Every year, it’s a little less and the students are getting cheated."

Christopher Fons is referring to budget cuts within the Milwaukee School District. Fons said he's taught for MPS for 18 years -- but the school board’s proposed 5% cut to school budgets this time around is something he's unwilling to accept.

"We have the money," Fons said. "We keep cutting taxes. We give a tiff for the stadium, we give $3 billion to Foxconn. The money's there."

According to Fons, if the cuts are approved, it’s estimated Riverside High alone could lose $250,000 worth of supplies, technology, and transportation —and some staff members might also be out of a job. 

But these resources are something Staja Elms considers too valuable and she said she plans to stand with her teachers and fight for them.

 “There are underclassmen who will have to deal with this later and I don’t feel that it’s fair for them," Elms said. "So hopefully us doing this will help them be able to have a better high school experience."

A school board meeting is scheduled at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the district confirmed the proposed 5% cut will not be discussed at this meeting.