Ride-sharing driver get busy with Brewers and Packers

Posted at 9:49 PM, Oct 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-15 23:21:36-04

A busy night for sports with the Brewers and the Packers both playing meant it was also a busy night for ride-sharing drivers.

Troy Seabrook who drives for Uber and privately said he is ready for a long night on the road. 

"Since the Brewers have been in the playoffs it's been crazy," said Seabrook.

TODAY'S TMJ4 rode along as Seabrook drove people home from the bars.

"We had a good time at Brewski's so we just wanted to take an Uber," said Brenda Barrales as she rode in Seabrook's car.

A good decision from Barrales and her friend James Allen. Over the weekend, Milwaukee County Sheriff Deputies arrested 15 people for driving drunk. The same time the Brewers played at Miller Park.

 "Why get that DUI, why spend thousands of dollars in court when you can spend $15 and get home and safe," said Seabrook.

He also drives a shuttle and for an app called Way Home, where he will drive your car home if you overindulge. 

"Some people just want the comfort of knowing it's theirs and they know where it's at and they want to ride in it. And that's a good thing because like I said, I got to drive a Jag last week," said Seabrook.

His riders say they are happy they don't have to think about who is driving when they are all trying to enjoy the game.

"We don't worry about that three letter word, the D-U-I.  You know we get home safely," said Allen.