Residents enjoy the heavy snow at sledding hills

Severe weather couldn't ruin their fun
Posted at 10:22 PM, Mar 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-13 23:22:12-04

Despite the heavy snow coming down, screams of delight was all that could be heard at Whitnall Park in Franklin as it seemed the parents were even more excited than their kids to take them sledding.

For a lot of the kids at the park, the sleds were Christmas presents that had not
been yet used.

"The moms got texting and said hey let's up kids early," said Jenny Triplett.

"I got everything ready when the kids come home from school I say I got a surprise, we go sledding last time in the year," said Tryny Ordonez, a mother of five.

For one 4-year-old boy the ride down the hill was even more exciting.

"Is this your first time sledding ever?" asked reporter Rebecca Klopf.
"Yeah," answered Aaron Martinez.

And while people raced down the hills others hit the cross-country trails in a Whitnall Park.

"I asked my dad if we could go skiing today," said Maya Fladwood, 9.

Maya and her dad suited up when the snow was really coming down.

"She knows skiing is cooler than sledding," said her dad, Joel Fladwood.

Though Maya might have had a hard time finding of kids who agreed at Whitnall Park.

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