Wis. cities dominate 'Drunkest Cities' report

Wis. cities dominate 'Drunkest Cities' report
Posted at 6:29 PM, May 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-17 20:38:15-04

Several Wisconsin cities are among America's drunkest cities, according to a recently released report from financial website 24/7 WallSt.

Nearly one out of four Wisconsinites report an excessive drinking habit, that's larger than any other state.

The top four drunkest cities in the United States are in Wisconsin, according to the report, which notes that Appleton is home to the largest share of binge and heavy drinkers in Wisconsin and throughout the United States.

"Not only is binge or heavy drinking more common in Appleton than it is in any of the state’s other 11 metro areas, but also just two metro areas in the entire country have a larger share of adults reporting similar drinking habits," the report states.

Driving deaths related to alcohol are 30 percent in Appleton.
Wisconsin is currently the only state in the nation to not make a first offense drunk driving occurrence a criminal offense. In April, Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill creating tougher drunken driving penalties by making a fourth drunken driving offense a felony regardless of when it occurred. Previously, a fourth offense was only a felony if it was committed within five years of a third offense. 

Oshkosh and Neenah came in as the number two drunkest city in the United States, with 44.6 percent of driving deaths related to alcohol.

Green Bay ranks as the third drunkest city in the United States, with driving deaths involving alcohol at 47.5 percent.

Madison, comes in at the fifth drunkest city in the United States.

Milwaukee, Waukesha, and West Allis ranked number 17, with driving deaths involving alcohol at 37.2 percent.

In Milwaukee, 23.3 percent of adults either binge or drink heavily.

Sheboygan ranks 12 and Racine ranks 15.