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Remembering the victims killed in Saturday's shooting at the Oneida Casino Complex

Jacob Bartel, 35 and Ian Simpson, 32
Remembering Jacob Bartel and Ian Simpson
Posted at 7:46 PM, May 04, 2021
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ASHWAUBENON (NBC 26) — It's been a few days since the shooting at the Onedia Casino Complex and we're learning what made Ian Simpson and Jacob Bartel so special.

Family and friends say they both left a lasting impact in the world.

Ian Simpson was a son, cousin, father figure and friend to many.

Originally from California, he had been moving cross country to pursue his love in the kitchen.

He first worked in Texas before recently moving to Green Bay last fall to work at the Duck Creek Kitchen and Bar.

Ian Simpson

“Very very passionate about his food, loved learning. When we first met he was like he used to have this little pocket book and he was like can I just write these recipes down. I was like of course. He was like I have no idea about your food. I’m from Puerto Rico. He’s like I have no idea about your food, but I want to learn it and he used to write all the recipes,” said Miguel Torres, Texas.

Torres and Simpson worked together at a restaurant at the Marriott Hotels in Dallas, Texas.

See below as Torres shares a memory about Simpson:

“We used to put 90’s playlist like 90’s and 2000’s rock and roll. We had a kitchen speaker, those little like, we used to blast them and I was like dude we need to turn it down, its too loud and he was like mmmm…,” Torres said.

See below as Torres describes Simpson's personality:

Simpson’s cousin in California described him as affable and caring.

Friends and former coworkers of Simpson from his time working at the YMCA Camp Campbell in California left him the following post:

As for Jacob Bartel, one family-friend who had known him for years described him as kind and selfless.

Jacob Bartel

“He was somebody who would help anybody any chance he got. He would never question it. He would just want to make people happy,” said Jaslynn Nash, Green Bay.

Jacob Bartel

She said he also had a very sarcastic-funny personality which is one of the reasons why they would get along so great.

Jacob Bartel

“He was a really big gamer, just kind of nerdy, a nerdy guy. He loved listening to this hard core metal. He would sometimes give me rides to work and I would be like I can’t with you right now,” Nash said.

Nash said Bartel was a big family guy. He loved his nephews and mom a lot.

See below as Nash shares her memory of him:

Other friends of Bartel also sharing memories with him.

See below as Nash shares how Bartel was gone too soon and how heartbreaking it is for her and those who knew the victims:

Both loved ones of Simpson and Bartel continue grieving but hanging onto lasting memories.

While Simpson did not have children of his own, Torres shares Simpson was a father-figure to his partner’s children.

“Even though it wasn’t biologically his kids. He loved them as his kids and he went out of his way and split his days so he can go over and help them,” Torres said.