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Registered sex offender spotted in Whitefish Bay park

Posted at 5:17 PM, Jul 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-26 00:08:25-04

WHITEFISH BAY — Recognize this man? Whitefish Bay Police are asking that you call 911 right away if you see him.

The Village of Whitefish Bay alerted residents Thursday of registered sex offender Raymond M. Hoelzer engaging in suspicious behavior at Klode Park.

"It's terrifying," said Humphrey Desmond, a father of two who lives in Whitefish Bay. "Kids are constantly playing here in Klode Park. It's Whitefish Bay. Kids are not unattended, but you feel very safe here, and to hear something like this, it makes you feel unsafe, to be honest. It only takes a split second to change a child's life. I really hope they find him."

He approached two children on a sidewalk near the park asking them to look at a Disney character on his phone, according to police.

One of the children used their phone to dial 911 but didn't complete the call. Police learned of the incident two days later.

A Whitefish Bay Police officer who was unaware of the incident observed him standing in the men's room at Klode Park. Hoelzer left abruptly when the officer walked in. He was later observed standing next to bushes watching people on the beach. When approached by the officer, he said "he was off from work and enjoying the good weather."

He left the park and was seen walking back and forth in front of Richards School. Officers interviewed the man and was checked and cleared for warrants. The sex registry was not checked until after the interview ended.

"It only takes a split second to change a child's life. I really hope they find him." — Whitefish Bay resident Humphrey Desmond

Hoelzer violated the Whitefish Bay sex offender ordinance, and police will arrest him when found.

According to court access, Hoelzer was arrested in 1995 for repeated acts of sexual assault of the same child.

Hoelzer was arrested for violating the sex registry in 2008. He was also arrested in 2014 for having a job where he works with children.