Recent deaths bring 2016 homicide number to 115

Milwaukee police responded to 4 homicides Monday
Posted at 6:23 PM, Oct 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-25 20:35:30-04

Milwaukee police responded to four homicides in a 24 hour period Monday. The most recent was a young woman killed near Brady Street. 

Police have now identified that woman as 23-year-old Kayla Bauske. 

Officials have taken two men into custody for Bauske's death. She was found by officers Monday night, but the Milwaukee Police Department hasn't said how she died.

Her death brings Milwaukee's homicide total to 115 so far this year.

"It's been happening way too often lately," said David Bustamante who lives near Brady Street. "I think it makes us want to be more vigilant watching out for neighbors and the community." 

At this time last year, Milwaukee police had responded to 123 homicides in the city. That means our numbers have not reached what they were in 2015, but Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said he doesn't want to see crime numbers like this in the city. 

"Every one appeared to be separate and every one appeared to be senseless," Barrett said. "It is just insanity that people are solving their problems by using guns. It's just insanity."

According to Milwaukee police, 37 percent of the homicides so far this year involved an argument or a fight. That was the most common circumstance that led to a death.

Behind that, 10 percent involved domestic violence cases, five percent were drug-related robberies and four percent were standard robberies. 

And out of all the homicide investigations so far this year, police said 42 of them remain unsolved. 

Police said in both of the recent homicides in the Brady Street area, suspects were quickly identified and arrested. 

While charges are pending on the two men taken into custody in Bauske's death, police have said both men are in their early 20s.