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'Real hard road': Crossing guard suffered horrific injuries in hit-and-run

The family calls on the suspect to surrender
Posted at 10:49 PM, Nov 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-13 23:49:46-05

The family of a Milwaukee crossing guard seriously injured by a hit-and-run driver said they're leaning on faith. 

Andrew Tyler, 71, is fighting for his life while the person responsible is on the run.

"He has spinal injuries, his hips are broken, broken elbow, dislocated shoulder, and his legs are basically crushed," said Karin Tyler, his daughter.

Tyler's daughter Karin said they made the decision to amputate his leg since the dead muscle tissue was affecting his kidneys, causing them to shut down.

"He's not even aware of this yet," said Karin Tyler. 

The family said the active 71-year-old still works out and this news will be devastating.  His daughter Sharon had a message for the person behind the wheel.

"If this had happened to them would they want to laying in the street would they have wanted someone to leave them there like that yah know dying," said Sharon Tyler, his daughter.

Tyler was struck by a car near 72nd Street Street and Carmen Avenue when he was walking to Kluge Elementary Friday morning, where he works as an MPD Crossing Guard.  Police said the hit and run driver was in a four-door Lesabre or Buick Park Avenue.  9 years as a crossing guard, family never imagined he'd be in danger.      

"He would talk a lot about the dangers of driving and that he would have to tell the children look up, be aware," said Karin Tyler.

He is a role model for the kids he looks after on the job and his grandchildren.

"My grandpa's a loving and caring man," said Amira Randolph, his granddaughter. 

"You could always count on him to give you $20," said Miles Haywood, hit grandson. 

The family called him a hero in his own right.

"I've never heard a harsh word out of his mouth.  I've only heard him raise his voice when he's yelling for the Packers," said Javan Willis, a son-in-law.

"We are keeping the faith.  We're leaning on each other, we're keeping each other strong and doing those things we need to do as a family just like our grandfather would want," said Symona Gregory, a granddaughter.

"Thank God he's alive, but it's still going to be a real hard road," said Karin Tyler.

There is aGoFundMe page set up in Tyler's name to help him pay medical expenses.