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Racine repeat bomb hoax caller charged

Posted at 3:36 PM, Mar 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-12 16:36:23-04

RACINE — A Racine woman, who reportedly has made fake bomb threats in the past, has been charged by the Racine Police Department.

Tabitha A. Scruggs, 22, has been charged with repeating bomb threats and possession of a firearm by a felon, according to the criminal complaint.

On March 5, Scruggs reportedly called Gateway Technical College and indicated a suicidal student may bring a bomb to a class and wanted to do a wellness check on him.

An investigator who knew Scruggs prior to the incident texted Scruggs to come in. She said she was "drunk," texted a picture of her with a gun in her mouth and said she'd be in the next day.

Eventually, Scruggs was brought in for questioning. She told police she was trying to get pregnant by her roommate, the student she called a wellness check on.

The complaint reads, “Tabitha stated the male student became jealous of her friend ‘Joe,'” the man fought with the other man and the male student moved out of Tabitha’s house. Tabitha went to the male student’s parent’s house and told them he was “causing problems.”

Scruggs then used Joe's gun to make the photo with the gun in her mouth, posted it to Facebook and sent it to police.

In addition, the male student’s estranged wife said Scruggs was on the front porch of her building at 2 a.m. March 5, holding a black handgun. She did not call police because she was afraid Scruggs would retaliate.

Scruggs faces 17 years and six months in prison and was being held on $15,000 cash bond.