Racine police looking to register surveillance cameras

Police hope it will help solve crimes in the city.
Posted at 5:11 PM, May 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-04 18:16:48-04
Police in Racine hope a new program they're launching will help solve crimes in the city. 
The program involves registering surveillance cameras from businesses and homeowners with the police department, so police can quickly locate video evidence. 
It's called the Community Camera Program and Racine Police say they already have 400 cameras registered, but they're hoping to add more. 
Racine is joining a growing list of departments launching programs like this. New Berlin Police were one of the first departments in the area to start a community camera program, but a sergeant there says they are still working to add more cameras.  
On Main Street in Racine, only a few businesses have cameras outside their stores. 
"We have three cameras in the store, multiple cameras in the back and in the front and the alley," said Austin Schultz who owns Plumb Gold Jewelry in Racine. 
He says police have come to him in the past to get access to his surveillance system. 
"We've had a couple people with car robberies or things like that," he said. "They've come to me asking about if they could see the footage."
As part of the Community Camera Program, Racine Police are creating a network of cameras in the city so when a crime happens, they can contact the owners of nearby surveillance systems. 
Police say businesses and residents might not know their cameras captured crime and police don't always know where cameras are located. 
Schultz said he hadn't heard of the program yet but he'd be interested in possibly joining. 
"If we were in trouble, they would certainly come to our aide," he said. 
Anyone in Racine interested in registering their cameras can click here

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