Racine man charged for having drugs in a day care

Weed was found on the premises
Posted at 10:22 PM, Mar 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-28 23:22:32-04

A Racine man was arrested for having drugs not just in his own home but also in a day care.

According to police records, the man told them he was just a "small time" weed dealer. Drugs, cash and ammo were all found when a Racine special investigation drug unit searched two homes over the weekend. One was an apartment in Racine, the other a house in Mount Pleasant.

That house was being used as a day care according to Allen Wainwright's girlfriend. Police searched it Saturday and found marijuana and ammo inside plus a gun box but no gun.

"That's shocking, I had no idea" said Leslie Katz who lives nearby.

Ryan Saavedra lives next door. He said he saw the couple go in and out during the day, but did not realize there was a day care.

"I have never seen a kid there," Saavedra said.

But he did see the police come a few days ago.

"I'd seen a cop out here like two days ago at 7 a.m....They told my neighbor they were doing an investigation," Saavedra said.

According to court records, Racine's special investigation unit searched the day care in Mount  Pleasant on Saturday, March 25. But that was their second stop of the morning.

They first went to Wainwright's apartment in Racine where they found cash and more than a hundred grams of pot in a shoebox. They also found a digital scale and plastic baggies.

Wainwright has previously been convicted of dealing heroin. Police got permission to also search his girlfriend's day care after they found a key to it at Wainwright's apartment.

She told police she was "unaware of any illegal activity being conducted by Wainwright."

Police did find some weed in a kitchen cabinet and closet shelf in the day care.

"You just never know, I'll tell you that," said neighbor Wally Urban.

The girlfriend has not been charged in this case.


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