Racine Lieutenant under investigation, accused of stealing from dead man

Posted at 6:14 PM, Jul 09, 2018

A man who took an oath to serve and protect is accused of stealing money from a dead man.

Lieutenant Chad Schulman with the Racine County Sheriff's Office is under investigation. Walworth County District Attorney Zeke Weidenfeld is looking into these allegations and he says evidence shows Schulman lied about some money that went missing from a crime scene.

In a letter to Racine County officials, Weidenfeld says evidence Schulman had the money before it was placed in evidence and logged.

Officials say this happened on Oct. 24, 2017. The letter says Schulman was interviewed twice and denied stealing any money from the scene.

Schulman allegedly claimed to have been called by the medical examiner when the medical examiner arrived on the scene but the letter says that statement was later shown to be false by phone records.

In a second interview, the letter says Schulman denied speaking with the Medical Examiner.

Schulman also said he took the money from an investigator because he was wearing gloves and the investigator wasn't but the letter says that was also shown to be false as photographs taken at the scene show the investigator wearing a glove.

These were the only statements Weidenfeld identified as false but he adds there are other potentially untruthful statements contained throughout the reports.

Monday, Racine County Sheriff Chris Schmaling wasn't available for an on-camera interview but he sent TODAY’S TMJ 4 a statement which reads in part:

“This situation, in no way reflects the hard work and dedication of the men and women of the Racine Co. Sheriff's Office who put their lives on the line each day in the interest of public safety.”

The DA also says this could call into question any case Schulman has worked on.