Racine homeless shelter risks losing electricity

Posted at 9:58 PM, Jun 06, 2016

RACINE- A homeless shelter is at risk of getting its electricity cut off.

Love and Charity Mission has been housed on the corner of Douglas Avenue and Prospect Street for than 50 years. A new generation of family members bought the shelter and took over June 1. Their non-profit is called Touched by an Angel.

"We do take in people from the street. We can get a call from the police department, people can drop by and say they need a place to stay, but we do have residents that's been staying here for quite some time," explained Larry Love, Touched By an Angel.

We Energies denied the new owners an application for services.

"There was an outstanding balance with We Energies and what they're saying now is that balance has to be taken care of before they can provide us services," said Love.

The shelter still owes around $12,000.

"We just don't have it and my concern is the residents that's here."

Resident Lillie Burns doesn't know what she'll do if the electricity is cut off.

"I have no earthly idea," said Lillie Burns, resident.

We Energies is aware of the situation. They've been working with the shelter for some time and now it is at risk of disconnection.

"They have gave extension after extension," acknowledged Love.

Monday afternoon organizers received a notice from We Energies stating Tuesday electricity will be turned off.

"I don't want our organization to get punished for something another organization did," said Love.

Love doesn't know how the balance got so high. Owners held fundraisers trying to raise the money, but it wasn't enough. Now they can only hope help comes through.

"We need the lights yah know I mean that's just everyday normal living, with lights," explained Burns.

We Energies says disconnecting services is a last resort.

To help the shelter pay off their electricity bill or to provide temporary housing for residents call 262-880-8628. Donations can be sent to the non-profit at
P.O. Box 81361
Racine, WI 53408