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Racine family suffers second construction related death

Posted at 5:45 PM, Mar 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-05 21:29:11-05

A well-known Racine family has been hit by tragedy for a second time.

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner says 32-year-old Anthony Azarian fell down an elevator shaft and died while working in the Coakley building in downtown Milwaukee Monday.

His death marks his family’s second loss to a construction accident. Nearly 20 years ago his uncle, Tony Azarian, was killed by a trench that caved in on him.

Anthony’s death also just two days after the birth of his son.

Ole D’Alie, a close family friend, is still processing the news.

“To lose one due to a construction accident is one thing. To lose another you know a 32-year-old with two kids I mean it hurts,” Ole said. “It’s a very hard time for the entire family.”

He and his dad, also an Anthony, are technically a part of the Azarian family.

They all grew up side by side.

“There wasn’t anything we weren’t doing in life that we weren’t together,” Ole said.

“We had them all involved in wrestling, football, baseball, basketball,” Anthony D’Alie said.

Wrestling was a part of Anthony’s life since he was five-years-old.

“He’d put you up against a wall and just not let you finish a shot,” Ole said.

He’d then transfer that energy over to a job site with Azarian Wrecking, the demolition company his family started in 1952, which now also includes cement work.

Just take a walk around downtown Racine and you can see the company’s impact all over in stamps on the sidewalks.

“He was very proud to be an Azarian and to be a part of the Azarian family,” Ole said.

Now his legacy will live on through his family and friends.

“He really was a true brother, an amazing son, an incredible father. He’s going to be greatly missed,” Ole said.