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Racine County restoring Quarry Lake Park

Posted at 7:36 PM, Jul 10, 2018

As the 2018 Summer season continues to heat up, residents in Racine cannot wait for the beach at Quarry Lake Park to re-open.

Over the coming weeks, more than 120 dump trucks of sand will be spread across the park extending the size of the beach.

Julie Anderson, the Racine County Public Works and Development Services Director believes the cleanup and restoration of the beach will bring people back to the lake.  

Anderson believes the recent warm temperatures and lack of wave action in the lake helped the growth of algal blooms but the water is being treated.  

"The water quality is very good and the water is tested twice a week," said Anderson.

"It's a lot warmer that's why when you like jump off the cliffs and stuff and then you climb back out you're perfectly fine you're not cold you're not shivering you're golden you could stay in there all day," said Racine resident Amber.

Director Anderson thinks that after all the improvements are completed, Quarry Lake Park will be back to being a neat urban location for people to enjoy the beach.