Racine County Gymnastics coach facing child pornography charges pleads not guilty

Posted at 5:23 PM, Mar 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-21 18:23:19-04

RACINE COUNTY, WI - A former gymnastics coach in Racine County facing 10 counts of child pornography charges entered a not guilty plea in court Wednesday morning. 

“I wanted him to see me [and] all these girls that he hurt," Rachel Mackey said. 

"We have family here and he really affected us all," she continued. 

18-year-old Mackey said she decided to attend Kivisto's preliminary hearing because she wants to see justice served. Mackey was a member of Kivisto's competitive team for about seven years, but she said she never felt completely comfortable around him. 

“I always thought he was a little bit off," Mackey said. 

"Some of the things he used to do and how close he used to get—he was always a little creepy," she continued. 

Kivisto was arrested last week after a parent called police when they found a hidden camera in the bathroom of the Wind Lakes Gymnastics Center.

The Racine County Sheriff's Office served a search warrant and found child pornography images on computers inside the business. Kivisto now faces 10 felony child pornography charges. 

Cassidey Wolfert, a former gymnast, and coach at the center who worked alongside Kivisto for a number of years said none of the allegations surprise her. 

“We weren’t surprised because we always knew he was a little creepy," Wolfert said. 

"All the parents, they all say 'oh my gosh it’s so surprising,' the newer ones, but the older teen kids knew that he was weird," she continued. 

Kivisto is expected to return to court for a status hearing next month.