Racine bakery adds solar power

Posted at 9:24 PM, Jul 19, 2016

A Wisconsin mainstay has recently gone green. O&H Danish Bakery best known for its Kringle has recently added solar power to it's new Mount Pleasant facility. 

"It serves to provide us clean energy that powers roughly a quarter of our needs here at this facility," said the bakery's president and owner Eric Olesen.

Sunvest Solar Inc. installed the solar panels on the roof of the building.

"The equipment costs and installation costs have come down so much over the past few years that it really is a quick return on the investment especially for a business," said Sunvest Solar, Inc. design manager Bjorn Johnson.

With the addition of solar power, O&H Danish Bakery is now the largest solar electricity producer in Racine County and the largest solar electricity producer among Wisconsin bakeries.

The bakery's Kringle has already been established as the state's official pastry.

The company has five stores in southeast Wisconsin.