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Quinn Meinerz on getting bypassed in the draft and playing for the Broncos

Posted at 6:35 PM, May 04, 2021

Whitewater Offensive Lineman Quinn Meinerz picked 98th in the third round by the Denver Broncos. But he was almost a day-three pick, and TMJ4's Lance Allan asked him about it.

Lance Allan: "Is there a part of you that says, 'I'll show them what they passed on in the third round?'"

"Oh yeah," Quinn Meinerz admits. "I was definitely like, you know, the end of the second, like was kind of where I was thinking, I was gonna, you know, mid, end of the second is where I was you know, anticipating going. And so I had like a lot of this kind of, I don't know, anxiety type of energy. And as I kept, you know, I guess, falling down the boards, it kind of started turning into you know, more free motivation of just proving people wrong. And you know, and I want to become the best offensive lineman, you know, interior offensive lineman in this class. You know, and that just starts off with having a dominant rookie season and continuing through that. So, I'm definitely really excited to go through that process and get ready to start, you know, kicking butt with the Denver Broncos."

Now the wow factor from Whitewater will have to fade, in practice, he'll be going up against, and sharpening his craft against, the best of the best.

"Hey let's do some you know offensive line versus defensive line like twist pick up stuff. Like Von Miller is going to be there and doing stuff, so to be able to, you know, go against those guys is going to be really fun, and you know, I'm excited to keep increasing the competition," Meinerz says.

Meinerz says for now, he'll continue to keep doing what he's doing, and that's work out at NX Level in Waukesha.

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