Questions remain 2 months after Wauwatosa man was shot by police

Posted at 10:10 PM, Aug 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-23 23:24:54-04

WAUWATOSA -- A lot of attention has been focused on Milwaukee after the recent violence following the shooting death of a man by police.

But another Milwaukee family says they also have questions about their son Jay Anderson, shot and killed by Wauwatosa Police two months ago.

"I feel like his case got swept under the rug because of the incident that happened in Milwaukee," said Starkeisha Delarosa, Jay Anderson's fiancé.

Jay Anderson was gunned down two months ago in the early hours of June 23rd. It happened while he sat in his car in a Wauwatosa park.

Almost two weeks ago on August 13, Sylville Smith was shot and killed by Milwaukee Police. There has been calls to release the police officer's body camera video in that incident. Anderson's parents have been shown a portion of the Wauwatosa police body cam video, but they say only about 20 seconds worth.

"We can't see the video. We want to see what transpired before them showing us this video with my son with his hands up and getting shot in the head four times," said Jay Anderson, Sr., father.

The family says they do not want to see the violence that has happened in Milwaukee happen in Tosa. In fact, they called for peaceful protests. But they still want people to remember Jay.

"He been gone for two months, 60 days. We need justice, we need his case just as well as Sylville," said Delarosa.

The family is planning another protest for Saturday.

Both Anderson's and Smith's shootings are still under investigation. No final report has been released.