Public Safety Committee reviews appointments for Fire and Police Commission

Commission is city's guardian of public safety
Posted at 12:32 PM, Jul 14, 2016
MILWAUKEE -- The future makeup of the city's Fire and Police Commission prompted a back and forth debate Thursday at City Hall.

The Milwaukee Common Council's Public Safety Committee (PSC) reviewed the appointments of two new commissioners. The commission currently has no members with prior police experience.

The Fire and Police Commission is the city's guardian of public safety. The commissioners set the standards for recruiting, training, and conduct. They're also the ones who investigate complaints.

The commission has seven seats, plus an executive director. They serve five-year terms.

Thursday, the PSC considered two candidates for the commission. Angela McKenzie, who works for the state, and businessman Nelson Soler.

Aldermen did not question their sincerity or integrity - they did, however, worry about their lack of public safety experience.

"These individuals are judging, and often times decisions regarding the careers of these officers," said Alderman Bob Donovan. "I think it's to their benefit to have at least one person on that commission who has a little bit of that experience and who knows that they're going through."

The mayor will have a chance to appoint someone with police experience soon, as the director sees another two openings in the near future.