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Professor on GOP Wisconsin U.S. Senate debate 'may well decide whose going to win'

Posted at 6:01 PM, Jul 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-25 19:01:00-04

The stage is set for Thursday’s Republican U.S. Senatorial debate at UWM.

Wisconsin’s primary election is less than three weeks away and a recent Marquette Law School Poll reports 30 percent of primary voters are still undecided.

UWM Professor and former lawmaker, Mordecai Lee, said that could change after Thursday night’s debate at UWM’s Mainstage Theater. 

“The debate may well decide who is going to win the primary and who is going to be the next U.S. Senator because Wisconsinites sometimes decide late,” said Lee. 

The poll also shows a dead heat between candidates Leah Vukmir (34 percent) and Kevin Nicholson (32 percent) with Vukmir only 2 percentage points in the lead. 

According to data from the Federal Election Commission, both candidates have received well over a million dollars in donor money during the campaign. And while Professor Lee admits money can go far in politics, especially with T.V. advertising, he explains why this means little in a face to face debate. 

“This isn’t an event trying to make one person look good, or the other person look good, and therefore, it’s the perfect example of democracy,” said Lee. 

Undecided voters TODAY’S TMJ4 spoke with said they haven’t made up their mind and the debate could easily sway their vote. 

“Mostly what we are looking for is a candidate that will represent our interest not special interest that they’re beholden to,” said one voter.