President Trump on North Korea in 2017: 'You always have to be concerned'

Charles Benson interviewed the president last year
Posted at 3:26 PM, Mar 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-09 17:35:12-05

Now that President Donald Trump has agreed to meet North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in May, I went back to look at my exclusive interview with President Trump in April of 2017 about North Korea.

Trump was in Kenosha to sign his Buy American, Hire American executive order.

At the time, tensions were high with North Korea and the communist country was conducting multiple missile tests.

I asked President Trump if Americans should be concerned or worried about a possible nuclear with North Korea?

"Look you always have to be concerned. You don't know exactly who you are dealing with."

Since then, Trump and Kim Jung-un have exchanged insults. Trump calling the dictator "Little Rocket Man" in a tweet. Kim responded by calling Trump a "senile dotard."

In my interview with Trump last April, he suggested previous presidents had dropped the ball when it comes to reining in North Korea.

"It's a very tricky situation. This should have been done by President Obama, this should have been done by previous presidents, all the way back to Clinton, and everybody pushed it off, just pushed it off."

While there is considerable skepticism about this latest effort for the two leaders to hold nuclear disarmament talks, Trump expressed optimism about the two countries finding common ground while in Kenosha 10 months ago.

"Now I'm put in a position where he actually has nuclear and we are going to do something about it. Hopefully, he wants peace and we want peace and that's going to be the end determination but we are going to have to see what happens."