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President Trump makes first remarks from hospital after positive test

Posted at 6:59 PM, Oct 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-03 21:35:40-04

President Donald Trump released a video on Twitter earlier this evening, speaking for the first time after being taken to Walter Reed Medical Center as a precaution for his positive coronavirus test.

President Trump began his video by thanking the medical staff at Walter Reed Medical Center for their excellent job of caring for him as well as the First Lady. He also provided an update on the First Lady, who he said was doing well and feeling better.

One point that President Trump spoke numerous times about during the four-minute video was how grateful he and the First Lady are for everyone around the world, especially the United States, for sending their well wishes.

"I am just so thankful for all of the support I've seen, whether it's on television or [what] I've been reading," he said. "I, most of all, appreciate what has been said from the American people. I very much appreciate it and I won't forget it, I promise you that."

Update from President's physician:

In a memo sent out Saturday night, the President's physician provided an update on his status.

According to the memo, President Trump continues to do well and has made "substantial progress since diagnosis." The second dose of Remdesivir went without complication and the President remains fever free and is off supplemental oxygen.

The plan for Sunday is to monitor the President in between doses of Remdesivir while fully supporting his presidential duties.

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