Prepping your lawn and garden for spring

Posted at 7:06 PM, Mar 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-13 20:06:58-04

Spring is right around the corner and as temperatures warm up, we have some tips from Minor's Garden Center to help you have a healthy lawn or garden.  

Everyone wants green, beautiful grass and a garden that grows.  Henry Beck, retail manager with Minor's Garden Center says there are few things you should know before putting your green thumb to work. 

"The biggest thing that you do right now when the grass is dry is to go out there and rake it with a short tine rake to help open it up and let oxygen to the roots of the grass," Beck said.

Beck also recommends adding an organic additive to your soil such as milorganite to help enhance the rich green color of your lawn.

If you plan on seeding your lawn, never put down seed and crabgrass preventer at the same time, Beck said.  Putting down crabgrass preventer and grass seeds at during the same time will keep the seed from germinating.

If you are looking to plant tomatoes in your garden you must never forget how weather works in Southeastern Wisconsin and wait until the middle of May to plant seeds in your garden.

"Back in the days around here there's something called the 3 iceman of May it's an old Nordic thing but it pretty much holds true it's normally the middle of May and once you get past that you should be free of frost," Beck said.