Possible 2020 presidential candidate Steve Bullock visits Milwaukee

Posted at 7:06 PM, Mar 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-07 20:06:01-05

The 2020 presidential election is 971 days away, in case you're counting. 

Lots of names being kicked around, including one possible Democratic candidate visiting Milwaukee Wednesday.

The last time Montana Gov. Steve Bullock was in Milwaukee he was listening to music at Summerfest in the 90's.

This time around Montana's governor is here listening to local leaders on a variety of issues.

"In part, what we saw in 2016, Democrats didn't show up in a lot of places like Wisconsin, like in Michigan," said the second term governor from Montana.

Some state Democrats still seething from Hillary Clinton's no-show during the general election. The Montana Democrat says all states need to be part of the national debate.

Bullock said he does not support arming teachers. But he supports universal background checks and common ground on gun control and mental health issues.

"It makes no sense that a quarter of our guns are sold outside of the background checks," said Bullock.

So why is a guy like Bullock trying to be a part of the national conversation in 2020?  President Donald Trump carried Montana by 20 points, Bullock won by 4 on the same ballot.

He says that includes one out of five Trump supporters voting for him.

"There's some folks around the country who want to say: 'What, why, what's up with the Trump voters?'" said Bullock. "I want to say what's up with us if we are not turning around and saying we will be fighting to make sure you have a decent job. We will be fighting to make sure you have a safe community."

While in Wisconsin -- Bullock was also at a fundraiser in Madison for state Senate Democrats up for mid term elections.