Positively Milwaukee: Teacher motivates students

Posted at 10:11 PM, Jul 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-18 09:04:57-04

Eddie Rutledge really knows how to keep kids motivated. He's been teaching his Amani's World Children's Program at Hopkins Lloyd Elementary School in Milwaukee this summer.

Who is Amani? Rutledge shares, "An overview of my real life cousin. Her real life travels, she started travels from birth on up to right now."

The singer, songwriter, and author has found a way to captivate kids through songs, music, storytelling and dance. He says, "We started out with Amani's World with just basic story time going to schools, being invited to schools and non-profit programs."

We stopped by on the day kids learned the art of book making. Kids used their imaginations to write their personal bestsellers. Rutledge explains, "It doesn't matter the age. Everybody has a story to tell, whether its a childhood story or a present day story, or something in the future that they're creating."

His dynamic lesson plan resonates with kids and adults. Renell Banks is site coordinator with COA Community Learning Centers. She exclaims, "He's a role model for those students for them being able to see there are positive things that African American males are able to do and be positive about doing it!"

Through Amani's world, Eddie Rutledge discovered that the secret to the joy of teaching is to pass on the joy of learning. Rutledge admits, "I'm having a blast."