Local chefs help homeless veterans

Local chefs help homeless veterans
Local chefs help homeless veterans
Posted at 6:04 PM, May 13, 2016

A dozen Milwaukee restaurant chefs are working together to raise money for the Milwaukee homeless veterans initiative.

Those who have served our nation and are now homeless represent a larger population than many may realize.

“One out of every four homeless individuals has served in the military at some point. With our efforts over the past eight years, we have been able to help close to 2,000 veterans who were either homeless or at risk of becoming homeless,” said Kirsten Sobieski with the Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative.

The chefs put together menus for eight food stations with menus inspired by the southern style Waffle House chain.

Chef Erik Hansen who runs the kitchen at "Supper,” located inside of the Shorecrest Hotel, shows us how he can cook up a culinary feast in minutes.

“This is the way we start off our chicken Angelina and them put into a really hot oven let that go for five or six minutes,” Hansen said.

 "We’ll take a little bit of our house made sausage and a little roasted tomatoes, and tomato sauces put over flame,” he added.

Hansen prepares his chicken angelina dish, a top seller at the Prospect Avenue restaurant.

Next the chef prepares arugula pesto with pine nuts and sarvecchio cheese and a little bit of olive oil.

"There it is, one of our better selling dishes,” Hansen noted.

The intent of the program is to help those who have served our nation struggle a little less, says Sobieski.

"I've given them a hand up instead of a hand out so that we can get them back on the road to independence and all the things they deserve to be able to live life and transition back into society when the struggles are abundant,” Sobieski said.