Pope Francis suggests openness to allowing married men to serve as priests

Residents split on the idea
Posted at 6:10 PM, Mar 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-10 19:10:28-05

MILWAUKEE - Pope Francis said he is considering allowing married men serve as priests in the Catholic church.

Pope Francis suggested the move might help address the shortage of clergy around the world.

“I think it’s a great idea," Marquette University Senior, Ellie Harris said. "I think everyone should have an equal opportunity to do what they’re passionate about and what they like."

"I feel like with our society being more progressive today, I think it’s becoming more accepted which is great in my opinion," Harris also said.

Harris isn't the only one thinking along those lines. Jane Clark is a mom, and she thinks the push to open the pool of candidates qualified to serve as priests is a good thing.

“As a mother of children who are being raised in the catholic church and catholic school I think it’s wonderful," Clark said.

“I think the intent is to grow the number of priests, and it just makes a bigger pool of potential people who can take an active role in the church so I think it’s wonderful," Clark also said.

As it stands, the Catholic church currently allows married priests who convert to Catholicism to continue serving as priests but does not allow married Catholic men to take holy orders.

Milwaukee area resident, Lawrence Bayer, suggested he's still on the fence regarding the idea that there could soon be change. 

“There’s pros and cons about both. If you’re married you have responsibilities, and you may not have enough time to do what’s required," Bayer said.

“If you’re single you may not really have the experience to work with problems that married people have," he also said.

According to the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, allowing married men to become priests has been topic of discussion for many years. The Archdiocese said it will continue to follow the Pope and pray about all topics pertaining to the future of our Catholic Church.

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