Poll suggests we mostly remember bad jobs news

Posted at 10:24 PM, Nov 19, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-19 23:24:55-05

There have been losses and gains recently for jobs in Wisconsin, but which story will voters remember the most? The numbers in a New Marquette Law School Poll may surprise you.

Milwaukee Electric Tool already has 800 jobs at its Brookfield Headquarters. Now the company plans to add 500 jobs over five years

However,Tyson Foods is closing its Jefferson plant that makes pepperoni. 400 jobs will be eliminated. It's another win-lose situation for the state.


In fact, 57% of Wisconsin voters say the state is lagging behind other states in job creation. That's up from 50% since August says the Marquette Law School Poll.

Headlines from big companies like GE and Oscar Mayer may be to blame. GE is closing its Waukesha plant and moving 350 good paying jobs to Canada. Oscar Mayer closing its Madison plant and eliminating 1000 jobs in the state capital. Big news that caught the voters attention.

70% of voters polled heard the bad news about GE and Oscar Mayer. But what about the flip side?

Amazon is adding another 1000 jobs after hiring 1,000 people at its Kenosha Center. Quad Graphics will add 500 jobs in Wisconsin.

But look at this number - only 50% of voters heard that good news. How do you explain the difference?

Marquette Professor Charles Franklin chalked it up to good news just doesn't travel as far as bad news with voters.