PolitiFact Wisconsin: Campaign contributions claim

Posted at 7:57 PM, Oct 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-07 20:57:48-04

It's fact checking time, and TODAY'S TMJ4, along with PolitiFact Wisconsin at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, are holding the nominees accountable for their words.

This week we check a claim made by Donald Trump in Waukesha.

The clock is ticking and the American people have a mere 31 days to decide who has earned the right to call themselves commander and chief.

Trump was just in Waukesha last week and is back in town Saturday. But something he said about Hillary Clinton stuck out.

"What Trump said is that her campaign has received $100 million from Wall Street and hedge funds," said Tom Kertscher at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

$100 million? That's a big number but is it accurate or an exaggeration?

PolitiFact Wisconsin turned to the people that crunch the fundraising numbers.

"The Center for Responsive Politics, what they found is that Clinton's campaign and the super PAC that supports her, together, have received about $63 million from Wall Street and hedge funds." Kertscher said.

After adding up the numbers, PolitiFact Wisconsin rated Trump's claim False

"We just found no evidence of that," Kertscher said. "The Trump campaign could not supply any information to us to back up that number."