Police reveal Sylville Smith search warrants

The shooting death sparked two nights of violence
Posted at 10:26 PM, Oct 19, 2016
New information has been released about the shooting death of Sylville Smith after a search warrant was unsealed on Wednesday.
Smith's death at the hands of a Milwaukee police officer sparked two nights of violence in Sherman Park.
Police said they were trying to stop Smith and another man after observing what they say was a drug deal. In court records, officers said the men ran from their car when they saw police and at one point Smith raised a gun in the officer's direction.  
An 11-page search warrant details some of what police found inside that car.  Police recovered three cell phones that were all turned on, marijuana, heroin and a cocaine base. They also found a .40 caliber Glock pistol in the front passenger seat.
During the Department of Justice's investigation into Smith's death, agents asked to search the phones for evidence of a crime saying "...the presence of the weapon, narcotics and three cells phones in the vehicle may be indicative of potential drug sales/distribution."
TMJ4 reporter Rebecca Klopf spoke to Sylville Smith's brother earlier this week. Sedan Smith still comes to his brother's memorial at 44th and Auer every day. He said he does not believe the story police have told about his brother's death.
"I'm thinking it's starting to become a cover up more than anything it's being hidden. The fact that it happened they are trying to hide it now," Sedan Smith said.
There is police body camera video of the shooting, but it has not been released.
"We're waiting for the tape, we still want the tape to be released. We still want that officer to be charged who shot my brother," Sedan Smith said.
Any charges connected to Sylville Smith's death will be up to the Milwaukee County District Attorney. The case is currently in his hands.