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Police respond to two-vehicle rollover crash on Milwaukee's south side

Posted at 6:49 AM, Jun 01, 2018

MILWAUKEE, WI - An early morning rollover crash ends with one person in the hospital and another person on the run. 

“That stuff happens all the time," Jennifer Groth said.  

Jennifer Groth lives on the southside near the crash scene and said she and her children are living a nightmare --
regularly waking up to the sights and sounds of car crashes just steps away from their own front door. 

“We just saw the wheel sticking out," Groth's daughter said. 

“Our cousin heard [the crash]," her son chimed in. 

Car parts and debris filled the block of 16th St. near Lincoln Ave. following a rollover crash that split a light pole into pieces. 

According to police, it happened just before 5:30 am. 

The driver of the Lexus involved was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, and witnesses said the driver of this badly damaged SUV took off running. The SUV also appears to have flipped over during the crash. 

“It doesn’t matter if it’s at night, in the morning, [or] during the day," Groth said. 

"It happens all the time, every day,” she lamented.  

And with the school year ending soon for the summer, Groth said she’s had enough --not only is she scared for her little ones, but she's also afraid for all the children living in her neighborhood. 

“There’s children that are crossing the street, parents that are with their children crossing the street, and you’ve got to worry about people just driving from nowhere, turning corners or just speeding and hitting people and it’s sad, it’s really sad," Groth said. 

Milwaukee police are still investigating. 

Check back often for updates on this developing story.