Police report attempted theft in Whitefish Bay, suspects get way on foot

The suspects fled the scene, vehicle was seized
Posted at 6:15 PM, Apr 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-23 19:29:46-04
WHITEFISH BAY - Porch package thieves on the prowl in Whitefish Bay have some residents in the area on edge. 
Police report seeing two people stealing a package off the porch in the 47 hundred block of North Larkin Street Saturday. The suspects fled the scene, but the vehicle was seized and confirmed stolen. 
“I feel like it’s pretty common," Margaret Mahler said.  "If the [UPS] drivers or mail people are leaving them in the front, it’s kind of like a sitting duck." 
A sitting duck, Saturday proved, susceptible to being swiped from a porch. Margaret Mahler said she’s lived in Whitefish Bay for only a couple of years, but knowing Saturday police spotted two people trying to steal a package does not necessarily make her uneasy. 
“I know it’s been happening in this area as well as in other areas around the city," Mahler said. "So, it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable really, it’s just kind of part of what happens I guess when you leave them out." 
In a statement, Whitefish Bay police confirm: 
“[An] officer reports observing two subjects stealing a package off the porch in the 47 hundred block of North Larkin Street. [The] subjects fled south [and] the vehicle involved was confirmed stolen out of Milwaukee." 
Once retrieved, the vehicle was towed and police say additional stolen packages were found in the car’s trunk. 
“It’s not an everyday occurrence," Scott Lamers said. "But we are aware of it and it seems like it’s getting more and more common, unfortunately."
Because of the recurrence of porch package thefts, Scott Lamers who lives in Whitefish Bay said it’s hard not to question one’s safety. 
“I feel safe, but yet, you know with this happening can you really a 100 percent safe? Probably not," Lamers said. 
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